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Camden Town - Bedders

Bedders was born on the 24th of August 1961 in London. He got into music at quite an early age - he would have Motown playing on the radio before he left for his Primary school in Islington.

For a while he lost interest in music, but when he was 14 he got a record player for his birthday and he began to buy vinyls. About a year later, Bedders got his first bass to play in a school band. It wasn't a very special band; just a typical school group covering songs by the Beatles.

It was thanks to Gary Dovey, the drummer of the Invaders that Bedders came to join them. They had been in the same class at school and Gary thought of Bedders when the band needed a replacement bass player. Suddenly Gary Dovey and John Hasler left the band and Bedders was stuck in a group of people who were older than him that he didn't know.

The first gig Bedders played with the group was at his old school. He arranged it himself as a free concert for all the kids. The band hired a PA and printed tickets to make it seem like a proper event; it went really well.