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Benny Bullfrog - Lyrics

Found a fiver...heh...heh...Willy

So there I am polished heart
I'm in full puff I look the part
My wad is packed to reimburse
I've yet to re-rehearse

Many moons spent
On love lines leant
From long-legged pop-eyed
Fat-necked Benny Bullfrog

Final run through polish up
The flower of love my buttercup
Moon in June for you I'll croon
Just like pop-eyed
Fat necked Benny Bullfrog

Mean piece of muscle I'm Melvin Toad
I dice with death across the road
Hop aboard my lovers leap
Fat necked Quatermass
Who needs a Benny Bullfrog?

Here she comes - Keep a cool head
My leg's numb - Keep a cool head
I can't run - Keep a cool head

Hi my names Hunky how do you do?
I catch a fly in one swoop
I'll catch a fly just for you
That's if you do want me to
But you're not hungry
I knew a sixth sense gave me a clue
I know what else we could do
...You creep!

Also I'd like to add
Little Miss Popular reckons
I not only speak rubbish
But I mean it so I'm gonna chin her

Long lived pop-eyed
Fat necked Benny Bullfrog
Wish I was Benny Bullfrog
Cool as Benny Bullfrog
What's the secret Bullfrog?