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Night Boat to Cairo - Lyrics and Information

Song Lyrics:

Night Boat to Cairo!

It's just gone noon half past monsoon
On the banks of the river Nile
Here comes the boat only half afloat
Oarsman grins a toothless smile

Only just one more to this desolate shore
Last boat along the river Nile
Doesn't seem to care no more wind in his hair
As he reaches his last half mile

The oar snaps in his hand before he reaches dry land
But the sound doesn't dampen his smile
Just pokes the wet sand
With an oar in his hand

Floats off down the river Nile
Floats off down the river Nile

Night boat
Night boat to Cairo!

Night boat to Cairo!

Song Information:

It was written by Mike Barson and Suggs, and was included on the Work Rest and Play EP, which peaked at #6 in the UK music charts.
The song was later re-issued as a single in 1993, following the success of the re-issued version of It Must Be Love, but failed to reach the top 40, peaking at number 56.

The song has an unusual structure, with a single long verse followed by an even longer instrumental section, heavily sax-based. At one point the instrumental slows right down and momentarily stops, then the opening notes of the song are repeated before the tempo picks up again.