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The Dangermen Sessions - Discography and Reviews

Released: August 2005

Personnel involved:


  1. This Is Where (Intro)
  2. Girl Why Don't You?, Original artist: Prince Buster
  3. Shame and Scandal, Original artist: Lord Tanamo
  4. I Chase the Devil (Iron Shirt), Original artist: Max Romeo
  5. Taller than You Are, Original artist: Lord Tanamo
  6. You Keep Me Hanging On, Original artist: Diana Ross and The Supremes
  7. Dangermen (High Wire), Original artist: Bob Leaper and His Orchestra - INSTRUMENTAL
  8. Isralites, Original artist: Desmond Dekker
  9. John Jones, Original artist: Desmond Dekker
  10. Lola, Original artist: The Kinks
  11. You'll Lose a Good Thing, Original artist: Barbara Lynn
  12. Rain, Original artist: Jose Feliciano
  13. So Much Trouble in the World, Original artist: Bob Marley


This album is quite different to everything else that Madness have done; which is unsurprising as this is an album made up of covers.
I like the way they've changed the style of the songs to suit them instead of just copying songs. They clearly put a lot of effort into this, while other bands would have been lazy. I can't help loving this album.

Mad Ems