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Our House the Musical

Playing above: A sample of "Our House"

First Impressions:

On the whole I like the production, but there are a few too many sex references for my taste to be completely appeased. It's not able to take it as far as a film might, being live on stage, but there are a few too many undertones for my liking. That aside, the acting is very good, the special effects excellent and the use of the songs extremely clever.

On reflection:

Some of my earlier thoughts seem a bit harsh now, so I thought I'd have another go. Besides, my entire family (brother, sister, parents and dog) have seen it now, and I've watched it more than once. My parents aren't huge fans of Madness, so I wasn't quite sure about how they'd react.

Did eveyone like it?: Yes, it was a huge success. My brother liked the choice of songs, though he did ask me if "In The Middle Of The Night" was in the line-up and seemed a bit disappointed when I told him that it wasn't. My mum was rather concerned about the moral message, but enjoyed the way the story flowed. The dog started watching when the music for "It Must Be Love" started... she seems to appreciate musicals...
Favourite bits?: My favourite scene is the part with the Morris Minor. They really captured the nuttiness of the music videos there and the humour is brilliant. I also really like the dialogue. My favourite line is: (something like) "Crime was the biggest mistake I ever made. Well, actually it was arguing about a Twix with a bloke with a knife" - Joe's father, trying to pass on some good advice.

Mad Ems