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Take It or Leave It

Film Info:

"Take It or Leave It" was produced in 1981 and directed by the owner of Madness label Stiff Records, Dave Robinson, who also directed the band's music videos.
Madness paid £20,000 each towards the film's budget (£140,000 in total paid by the band) and the rest of the £250,000 was paid by Stiff.

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Click HERE to access the typed copy of the "Take It or Leave It" commentary by Dave Robinson and Chrissy Boy. Write-up by Mad Ems.


The film has a documentary-style to it, yet is funny throughout and very enjoyable.
At first, some of the band members seem a little nervous/uncomfortable around the cameras, but seeing as they had only made music videos before this, that isn't surprising.

Highly recommended.

Mad Ems